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    What are the 7 Principles of social business? 

    The 7 Principles of Social Business are the principles that a business must follow to qualify as a social business.
    The business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society; not profit maximization;
    Financial and economic sustainability;
    Investors get back their money amount only. No dividend is given beyond the investment;
    When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement;
    Environmentally conscious;
    Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions;
    …do it with joy.
    Are there many types of social businesses?

    There are two types of social businesses: Type 1 and Type 2. A Type 1 is when the social business produces a product or service that is specifically targeting a social objective. For example, Grameen Danone is a Type 1 social business because it is a manufacturing a yogurt to fight childhood malnutrition. A Type 2 social business is when its shareholders are primarily under-privileged, and the profits are put into a trust to improve the quality of life for its shareholders by providing schools, health clinics, etc. Perhaps, the most famous example of a Type 2 social business is the Grameen Bank since nearly all of its shareholders are the under-privileged.

    The vision and mission of the organizations that share his ideals are to eradicate poverty by 2030 and put poverty in museums as a relic from history, never to afflict society again.

    What if you could harness the power of the free market to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and inequality? To some, it sounds impossible. But Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is doing exactly that. As founder of Grameen Bank, Yunus pioneered microcredit, the innovative banking program that provides poor people––mainly women––with small loans they use to launch businesses and lift their families out of poverty. In the past thirty years, microcredit has spread to every continent and benefited over 100 million families. But Yunus remained unsatisfied. Much more could be done, he believed, if the dynamics of capitalism could be applied to humanity’s greatest challenges.

    Now, in Creating a World Without Poverty, Yunus goes beyond microcredit to pioneer the idea of social business––a completely new way to use the creative vibrancy of business to tackle social problems from poverty and pollution to inadequate health care and lack of education. This book describes how Yunus––in partnership with some of the world’s most visionary business leaders––has launched the world’s first purposely designed social businesses. From collaborating with Danone to produce affordable, nutritious yogurt for malnourished children in Bangladesh to building eyecare hospitals that will save thousands of poor people from blindness, Creating a World Without Poverty offers a glimpse of the amazing future Yunus forecasts for a planet transformed by thousands of social businesses. Yunus’s “Next Big Idea” offers a pioneering model for nothing less than a new, more humane form of capitalism. (More …)

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    Essential Things to Consider When Searching For a Search Engine Optimization Company 

    There is a continuing increase in the number of individuals who are using the internet today. A new way of reaching out potential clients is given to business people because of this. In order to attain the target results of your business, you require the ideal search engine optimization strategies. If a business website owner aspires to lead their local results, he must make sure that general website design is always at great condition. That is why SEO plays an important role in your online marketing campaign.

    Using a good company in increasing your local results positions enables you to save more resources and time than carrying it out on your own. Local  specialists will not only be responsible in your webpage’s rankings, but can also accurately check its status. Furthermore, they design their methods for fast progress. Their techniques are the most efficient means to achieve your marketing goals online.

    Searching for a good service provider is quite hard since some companies are providing internet marketing services, but not all of them are reliable. It requires great patience and effort to find a trustworthy but affordable search engine optimization provider. It does not require you to instantly decide when finding the best one. A thorough research about a local service provider companies is a great help to end up choosing the best one.

    In selecting a good firm, you must consider the benefits you can acquire and what they can provide to you. By doing this, you will get an assurance that you can get what your money’s worth. It could be an edge if you have ample knowledge when it comes to the field of online promotion. There are some services who abuse webpage owners that just have a little knowledge about online promtion. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of scope of SEO to prevent scam and will not waste your time, effort and money simultaneously. Therefore, you have to choose accredited professionals that will let you understand how their service works and will be able to meet your needs.

    Getting reviews, will help you get more essential information with regards to the services of a particular firm. It is another strategy to make sure that you will have an excellent SEO service like this one, . A good way to determine the credibility of a certain web developement provider is if they’re able to hand you all the information’s needed. You can take a look at their work from various companies who have used their services. Keep in mind that a creditable company is always ready to offer you all the significant details needed.

    Thousands of people will certainly opt for the service of internet marketing companies because of its affordability. But the service they provide are limited rather than other web marketing companies that costs much. Therefore, you must decide sensibly so everything will turn accordingly beyond your expectations. Pick the most worthy to be paid right. Yet, getting the service of a local company might advance your online marketing campaign let you get bigger returns.

    Utilizing an affordable and effective SEO can help you customize and add features into your website. Ensure to select the service provider that provide quality search engine optimization services at a fairly low price. Through proper research and checking reviews this will help you come across the best one that suits for you.

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    Safely Buying Gold 

    Purchasing gold or bullion coins is a big transaction. If you’re thinking about it:

    Ask for the coin’s melt value. The melt price for practically all bullion coins and collectible coins is widely available.
    Speak with a professional financial consultant you trust who has specific investment knowledge. You may wish to talk to some other investors, as well.
    Shop around. Most financial institutions sell gold bullion, frequently at a lower markup than dealers. You likewise can enter the name of the coin into an online search engine to review prices from other suppliers.
    Get an independent appraisal of the particular asset you’re considering. The dealer’s appraisal might be inflated.
    Consider additional costs related to the investment. You may well need to buy insurance or a safe deposit box, or you may need to lease offsite storage to safeguard your coins. These expenses will definitely cut into the investment possibility of gold.
    Watch out for buying bullion or bars that won’t shipped to you, yet instead to a “secured facility,” by the vendor or a third party. Whenever you buy bullion without taking possession, you encounter the risk that the precious metals doesn’t exist, isn’t of the quality described, or isn’t appropriately insured.
    Ignore sales spiels that diminish risk and sales representatives who claim that written risk disclosures are merely procedures called for by the government, and therefore not necessary. Reputable sales reps are transparent about the risk of particular investments.
    Never “act now,” despite the consequences. Any type of sales spiel that advises you to purchase right away is a signal to leave and hold your money in your pocket.
    Have a look at the company by inputting its name in a search engine online. Check out if other people have something to say about their encounters with firm. Try to connect offline if possible to clarify any details. In addition, get in touch with your state Attorney General and regional consumer protection agency. Consulting these associations in the communities where promoters are based is a smart idea, but realize that it isn’t fool-proof: it simply may be too soon for somebody to recognize they’ve been defrauded or to have submitted a complaint with the authorities.
    Ask for a guarantee or certificate of authenticity for the bullion’s precious metal content. Research the company behind the guarantee or certificate because certificates of ‘authenticity’ can be fabricated.

    Bullion scams often involve false claims about content, rarity or value:

    False Claims– Unethical dealers frequently overprice their coins, mislead about the bullion content, or try to pass off ordinary bullion coins as rare collectible coins. Some deceitful dealers may even try to sell coins that aren’t bullion coins at all. Other firms might try to retail bullion items with the same design as coins from the U.S. Mint, although in various sizes. Indeed, private mints issue coins that resemble bullion coins minted by foreign governments, however may have limited or no gold content. Your ideal protection is to study the market and select your dealer carefully. If you are considering adding precious metals tour retirement account, you should first read appropriate gold IRA reviews to vet the company.

    Leveraged Investment Scams— Leveraged investments are high-risk investments that can result in the losing of even more money than you originally committed. Typically, in a leveraged investment scam, a telemarketer or web site will state that the price of metal is about to skyrocket and that you could make considerable profits by making a small deposit for the metal, often as little as 20%. According to the advertiser, by paying just 20 percent of the buy price, you can obtain even more bullion than if you needed to spend 100 percent of the purchase price.

    In reality, you have borrowed money — as much as 80 percent of the transaction cost of the metal– from a financial institution that claims it will store the metal on your behalf, and charge you monthly storage fees and interest fees. Rather than sending you a bill for those charges, the institution will decrease your equity in the assets. When your equity drops below a certain level (for example, 15 percent of the acquisition price), the financial institution will deliver an “equity call,” demanding you to pay additional money to bring your equity over the equity call level. In the event that you cannot pay or refuse to pay additional funds, the loan provider will sell off the bullion to settle your loan and submit you an invoice if the sale of the bullion does not pay for the amount you are obligated to repay.

    These kinds of financial investments are high-risk since you will receive an equity call if the price of the metal goes down, stays flat, or simply doesn’t go up enough to offset the mounting storage and interest costs.


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